The Music

Mutineer discovers and promotes music that moves and inspires us. We make records that we can’t live without and that deserve to be heard. Punk is part of our DNA, so we’re unafraid of a cutting edge, but we revere “punks” of all music genres and are committed to producing stand-out records from the ranks of Alternative, Jazz, Americana, Metal and more.


At Mutineer, music is a multi-sensory, visceral experience. We work with artists who want to produce vinyl, CD and digital formats. We are uplifted by the audio stream that reaches our ears, thrilled by the tactile joy of removing the shrink wrap on a brand-new vinyl record, excited to read the liner notes earnestly presented by the artist, and totally engaged by the physical experience of dropping the needle and listening to a fantastic album with a group of friends who love music just as much as we do.


The Mission

Joe Strummer said, “people can change anything they want to, and that means everything in the world.” Modern history’s most iconic moments have a pulse, a backbeat, a soundtrack that solidifies the spirit of a powerful movement. We believe in that power, and so we send a portion of every sale to environmental and civil rights organizations.


Mutineer is as much a community of musicians and music lovers as it is a record label. We strive to shine a light on artists that make great songs, create great live events, and truly have something to say that’s worth listening to. If an artist’s music, message and presentation make us feel like we can take on the world, we trust that you’re going to want to hear it, too. And as our catalogue grows, we will strive to make our media sites places for like-minded individuals to congregate, share music and explore ideas with other music lovers from around the world.

Mark Reiter

Founder/Executive Producer/Chief Engineer

Mutiny Records

Washington, DC